A little of this and that.


Couldn’t pass up grapes at the store, they looked so good.   Raisins very soon.


Making ginger powder will be so much cheaper than at the store.  Fresh ginger root $2.51. Ginger spice container $6.45.



A little fresh air and filtered sunshine. Bring indoors in the evenings for several weeks.


Dehydration Yield

The first week of dehydrating took some adjustments to temperature, length of cooking time and food thickness. Having natural foods ready & available makes you feel in charge of what goes into your body. Looking forward to dehydrating foods from the garden in the summer.



Dehydration for the day.

Bananas ~ Soaked the cut banana chips in lemon & water.  They will dry much darker than the ones you purchase at the store.


Banana Skins ~ I found in my research someone dehydrating the banana skins (not wasting anything).  So I’m giving it a try.  Will put in the blender once dried and make a powder and mix into the soil when I plant the tomato plants.


Kumquats ~ Cut in half, removed the seeds and flesh, made a slit in the skin and laid flat.


It will be fun to see how the fresh food dries.